The World Food Programme (WFP) organised an emergency food distribution in the Mozambique city of Beria on Tuesday, in order to help the local population left stranded by flood waters after Cyclone Idai swept through the area, where at least 238 people have been confirmed dead, and many more casualties are feared.

Helicopter and airplane airlifts of WFP high-energy biscuits, water, and blankets are planned to be given to large numbers of people crammed onto rooftops and elevated pieces of land outside Beira.

Hugo de Plessis, a WFP Aviator Officer, commented on the difficulties they were facing in unloading cargo from the aircraft, saying “the weather is still persisting and despite that everybody is helping and we are offloading 20 tons of cargo manually by hand because the equipment has been destroyed by the cyclone."

Zimbabwean officials also reportedly claim at least 98 people died and over 200 are missing after Idai reached their territory.

Mandatory credit: WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (WFP)

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