Motorola Razr's secret is the hinge not the screen

The new Motorola Razr hits a lot of right notes: nostalgia, size and a foldable display. I got to visit the lab at Motorola's headquarters in Chicago, where I saw the design and engineering process behind the Razr's zero-gap hinge and how it allows the phone to go from perfectly flat to folded in half.

The Razr is the third foldable device to be released in the past year. After a troubled launch in April, Samsung's Galaxy Fold officially went on sale in September. And at the end of 2018, Royole launched the FlexPai, a large phone that opens up into a tablet. But the pocketable size and creaseless flat-folding display make the Razr unique. And while the screen is the star of the show, the hinge is what's doing all the work.

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