The average American has 96 bad hair days each year.

Take it from a new poll of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Hairmax.

When these folks can’t tame their locks, they keep their doors locked.

Four in five have stayed in rather than leave the house because of a bad hair day.

When their hair isn’t working, neither are they.

A third called in sick to work because of a bad hair day.

The average respondent said they’ve called out sick five times because their hair was a mess.

The telltale signs of a bad hair day include hair looking thin and lifeless, weird cowlicks and sleeping on it funny.

Putting on a hat is the most popular way to deal with a bad hair day.

But when it’s good, you’re ready for the world.

Fifty-four percent said a good hair day would make them happy all day; more than sex or a massage.

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