Thousands of Orthodox Christian believers assembled at the monastery of St. Vasilije (St. Basil) of Ostrog, near the Montenegrin town of Danilovgrad, Sunday, to take part in traditional celebrations on the saint's feast day and seek what they believe are the saint's healing powers.

The annual event draws numerous pilgrims from countries in the region, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Greece, and others.

"For me, the Ostrog monastery represents a holy place. I come here every year with my parents, since 1998. Even now in 2019, we still come as a family, to call out God's name, to call Saint Vasilije of Ostrog's name on May 12. This is a holy place where we find peace," said Nikola Milicevic, a believer from East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"It's a very wonderful and mystical place here. We love very much [Saint] Vasilije from Ostrog monastery. It's wonderful here, it's very good here, to be here. A lot of people [are] here waiting to go inside to descend. Descend [will] help us to be very good with our life, healthy and other things," said Flavia, a believer from Romania.

Visitors to the Ostrog Monastery come on May 12 in the hope of finding a solution to their personal problems. To do this they light candles, pray and venerate the relics of St. Vasilije of Ostrog.

The Ostrog Monastery was founded in the 17th century, and is one of the most visited sites in the Balkans. The monastery is named after the hill that rises above it.

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