All one girl ever wanted was to get back to school and be with her friends.

It may sound strange to you, but you’re not Kira Noble.

SWNS reports the 16-year-old has been battling incurable cancer, and for five years has pretty much been stuck at the hospital for months at a time, undergoing 20 rounds of chemotherapy.

Thanks to a new wonder drug, Kira has a new lease on life.

She’s back at school with friends and excelling at her favorite subjects; music and drama.

Unfortunately, real-life drama began when she was 11 and diagnosed with Neuroblastoma; a rare cancer with the lowest survival rate of all childhood cancers.

Kira tried something new after being told her cancer was categorized as “incurable but treatable.”

The experimental therapy called Lorlatinib started in April.

The targeted therapy has been life changing.

Just school, parties, and sleepovers with friends or “regular teen things” as Kira says.

The latest scan results show Kira’s cancer is disappearing.

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