A clothing designer in Milan turned her small atelier into a one-person factory producing hand-made, as filmed on Monday.

Raffaela Spampanato said that since the COVID-19 emergency broke out, fashion production has stopped,

posing questions for many small businesses about what to do next.

"I thought that the only thing feasible at this time would have been to make face masks to try to be sustainable and supportive at the moment," said Spampanato, the owner of “Lamula” tailoring.

She came up with a face mask made from recycled material and completely washable and reusable padding.

Everyday she makes around 15 items selling them to neighbours or through her Instagram for over 20 EUR (21,47 USD) per piece.

"I have always had a tailor shop where everything is handmade, I continue to produce a few pieces. But I am happy to satisfy the people who can't find masks in Milan at the moment," said the designer.

There are different opinions on the effectiveness of reusable and DIY masks, with experts generally saying they might not protect or block the spread of COVID-19 but are still useful reminders not to touch your face.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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