This week on The Countdown we’re taking a look at the Just 100. Shareholder returns mean nothing if a company's workers, customers, communities and environments aren't considered, too. That's the reasoning underlying the third annual Just 100, our ranking of America's best corporate citizens with our research partner Just Capital.

As it is every year, the Just 100 is a reflection of the issues that matter most to Americans and a ranking of how the nation’s largest publicly traded companies perform in these areas. After almost a year of data-crunching (which you can learn more about here), these are the names that are setting the standard in stakeholder treatment and prove that it is possible for a corporation to do well by doing good.

Forbes partnered with Just Capital to rigorously evaluate 922 of the nation’s largest publicly traded companies according to how they perform on matters of corporate justness. Companies are evaluated based on data that Just Capital pulls from public reports, company surveys and crowd-sourced repositories. Using a team of data scientists and statisticians, Just Capital weighs this data based on what a survey of 95,000 Americans indicates are the most important aspects of business behavior.

Read the full profile on Forbes:

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