This is the March 8, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:13 Police unions in California are fighting to prevent the release of old police shooting records under new California law

10:39 To qualify for the first Democrat debates, the 20 candidates will need at least 1% support in a set of pre-approved national polls, or they’ll have to have raised money from at least 65,000 donors. That group must include at least 200 donors in 20 states

14:16 Justin Trudeau is finding himself in the middle of the worst scandal of his career, which has seen him accused of interfering with a bribery investigation on behalf of a corporate giant. Yesterday, he addressed those charges.

17:38 Meet this former lawyer from California who has made it his mission to figure out what happened to MH370

22:49 VICE News looks at the history of daylight saving time, its modern proponents, and why western states (California, Oregon, and Washington) are bent on keeping the saving part and ditching the standard time part.

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