A group of Mexican and American demonstrators picketed the US embassy in Mexico City on Friday night, to express their anger at the imprisonment of migrants in detention centres.

Protesters held up placards and candles as part of a series of vigils held across Mexico and the United States. One of the protesters, Joseph Huff-Hannon, called the detention centres "concentration camps" as he expressed his disgust with the conditions in the centres. Another protester, Christen, explained that she felt that the policy of separating parents from children was immoral.

"I just think what our government is doing is wrong, what they are doing to children is wrong, breaking up families is wrong, I think it's immoral, and I think more Americans feel that way than don't," she said.

The treatment of migrants in the detention centres - particularly child migrants - has come under fire in recent months, with reports emerging of squalid conditions and cruelty from staff. Members of Congress such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez testified to the House Oversight and Reform Committee yesterday that detainees face abuse and inhumane conditions.

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