Police have carried out Australia's largest ever onshore seizure of methamphetamine, worth $840 million and found by Australian Border Force agents in an April shipment from Thailand to Melbourne.

The agents found 1.6 tons of methamphetamine, along with 37 kilograms of heroin, in vacuum-sealed packages hidden inside stereo speakers shipped from Thailand to Melbourne in the country's largest ever onshore seizure of the drug also known as "ice."

Two customs agents have been charged in connection with the seizure, police said Thursday, December 4.

Police arrested two men and a woman on Wednesday following raids in suburban Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city.

"Two of the three were customs agents. They are trusted insiders within the industry," Australian Federal Police deputy commissioner Neil Gaughan said.

He added they were not government employees, but rather private contractors.

"They used their position of trust to circumvent the border controls that exist within Australia," he was quoted as saying by national broadcaster ABC.

Police said they were cooperating with authorities in Thailand where an investigation is ongoing. (AFP)

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