Max Bergmann on Donald Trump Firing Jeff Sessions

'If Donald Trump can get away with this, he can get away with anything.'

President Donald Trump firing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions could launch a constitutional crisis.

'America has only been in this situation a couple times in its history, namely in Watergate where Richard Nixon fired the special prosecutor that was investigating him, fired their attorney general. And so now we’re back in that sort of situation. [...] The president’s trying to put himself above the law.'

'Americans should be outraged and should be extremely concerned about this. The Mueller investigation has been producing results. This is not a witch hunt.'

'He knows this investigation is coming after him. He knows that he’s in the crosshairs and so he’s trying to end it. And so the way to end it is to put someone in charge of the investigation that can can squash it can block evidence from coming forward.'

Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker in Sessions’ place who has attacked the Russia probe in a NY Times op-ed.

'They know this guy will do the president’s bidding. And what’s so outrageous here is that normally what happens in almost the situation is the number 2 at a government agency, the deputy becomes the acting attorney general. That’s Rod Rosenstein. Why hasn’t Trump made Rod Rosenstein the attorney general? Because he wants someone there that’s going to protect him. So they pick someone that they knew would do it, that’s already written and said that he would do it.'

'The attorney general’s job is not to protect the president of the United States. It is to enforce American laws and American laws say the American constitution holds that no one is above the law.'

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