Footage from Macau on Friday highlights the extent of the reaction throughout the city to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Long queues can be seen outside health centres and pharmacies as locals try to get their hands on surgical masks amid a shortage.

After Macau confirmed Coronavirus had hit the area, the government started rationing face masks to prevent hoarding. Residents can only purchase a maximum of 10 surgical masks every 10 days from specific pharmacies.

Throughout the video, an array of different businesses can be seen to have altered their practices due to the virus. Many banks are closed and some businesses are forcing temperature tests upon entry. A McDonald's franchise can be seen only allowing takeaway orders to avoid crowds in the restaurant.

In the footage, a telecommunications company, CTM, has a sign on its entrance informing customers that they can delay repaying their bills until March and that their service will not be suspended even if there is an overdue payment.

The region already has 10 confirmed cases of the disease, now also referred to as Covid-19, although Macau has yet to register a Coronavirus related death.

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