In news that I never expected to report on when I woke up today, it turns out that we might be getting a new album from Mac Miller sometime soon.

What’s up y’all it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and a post appeared on Mac Miller’s Instagram page early Wednesday that had me stop in my tracks.

The text post, which was posted by Malcolm’s family, announced a new album called “Circles” that is expected to drop later this month.

It started off by saying “Here we are. The act of having to write this at all feels surreal. At the time of his passing, Malcolm was well into the process of recording his companion album to “Swimming”, entitled “Circles”.

Swimming was Mac Miller’s last album he released before he passed away in September of 2018.

The album came out just a month before, in August, and reached number 3 on the top album charts on Billboard. It was also certified gold after his passing, making it his fourth album to do so. “Swimming” was also nominated for a Grammy for “Best Rap Album”.

The announcement that Mac was nominated for his first ever Grammy came just 3 months after the news of his passing.

The following February, Malcolm’s mother Karen flew to Los Angeles to attend the Grammy Awards and hopefully accept an award in honor of her late son.But as it turns out, Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” won the Grammy for best rap album last year.

Immediately after Cardi was named the winner, Mac’s ex girlfriend Ariana Grande tweeted out a series of tweets expressing her frustration with the Grammy Awards and the producers of the show.

She quickly deleted the tweets, which were just a series of profanities.

Somebody on Twitter replied to Ariana, who was being attacked for expressing her disappointment, saying that Cardi had nothing to do with it.

She responded “nothing to do w her. good for her. i promise. i'm sorry.”

Her frustrations really had nothing to do with Cardi winning the award, just that they wasted Mac’s mom’s time in having her fly out for her late son.

Somebody else pointed this out, saying that Ari was mad that they invited Malcolm’s mom to the Grammys only to not give her recently passed son an award.

Ariana responded saying “This. this is what i meant. Karen was gonna have a green suit made,"

But now, with news of a new album from Mac Miller, there is hope that maybe he will be nominated for another posthumous Grammy award.

The note from his family continues to explain that “Circles” was always meant to be a complementary album to “Swimming”. They explain the quote “two different styles complementing each other, completing a circle - Swimming in Circles was the concept.”

They go on to say “He had been working with Jon Brion, who after hearing some early versions of songs, cleared his calendar to help Malcolm fine-tune them. After his passing, Jon dedicated himself to finishing Circles based on his time and conversations with Malcolm.”

Jon Brion worked with Mac Miller to co-produce a large part of “Swimming”. In the past, he has also produced “Blonde” by Frank Ocean, as well as albums for Kanye West and Katy Perry.

He also produced the music for the 2017 film “Lady Bird”.

Of course, completing an album from an artist that has already passed is no easy task. It’s complicated and can be really emotional, not to mention almost impossible to meet all of the expectations from fans.

But Mac’s family wants to see the best results come from this, just as Mac would have wanted.

They say “This is a complicated process that has no right answer. No clear path. We simply know that it was important to Malcolm for the world to hear it.”

The family goes on to explain that they are having a difficult time finding an appropriate and effective way to promote the album and make people aware that it is coming out later this month.

They say that this will be the only post on his personal social accounts, which have otherwise been inactive since he passed away.

Instead, his family directs people to this instagram account called “92 til Infinity”, which has already gained over 43 thousand followers in the first few hours.

The 92 in the name “92 til infinity” is in reference to the year that Mac was born.

What about you guys? What do you think about them releasing this album? Are you excited to listen? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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