This Saturday is the one year anniversary of Mac Miller’s accidental drug overdose and death. And today someone has finally been charged in connection to his death.

How’s it going. I’m Sussan Mourad with Clevver News and since Mac Miller’s tragic death nearly one year ago, no one had been arrested or charged for providing the drugs that he overdosed on, until now.

Los Angeles police just arrested Cameron James Pettit on charges of supplying fentanyl laced oxycodone pills to Mac Miller and others.

Prosecutors say that there were three people involved in providing Mac with the illegal drugs and Cameron is only the first of the arrests.

According to the court documents acquired by TMZ, shortly after Mac’s death, Cameron messaged his friends on Instagram that he wasn’t going to post anything about it ‘just to be smart’.

He also allegedly told a friend that he will likely ‘die in jail’ if he were to be arrested.

Per the court documents, shortly before Mac’s death, he asked Cameron for some ‘percs,’ which is short for percocet and was provided with the fentanyl laced opioids.

These are the same drugs that were taken by Lil Peep and Prince before their deaths.

Fentanyl is a cheap, extremely dangerous drug that is used by drug dealers as a cost effective substitute to counterfeit prescription drugs.

But Cameron wasn’t the only person who provided drugs to Mac.

According to TMZ, two days before his death, Mac received two deliveries of drugs -- one from Cameron and another from a prostitute, who allegedly gave him a variety of other drugs on top of what Cameron had dropped off.

But it still looks like all things point back to Cameron because the prosecutors are claiming that the prostitute works for a madam, whom is allegedly associated with Cameron.

And while it’s unclear if the madam and prostitute have been charged with anything yet, we know for sure that Cameron was taken into custody this morning.

The story is obviously still unfolding and we will keep you posted as more news breaks.

Thank you all so much for watching, I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you later.

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