A tornado ripped through southwest Luxembourg on Friday, reportedly injuring at least 14 people and causing damage to vehicles and buildings, as seen in the town of Petingen on Saturday.

Footage shows damaged buildings - including a gas station - and debris littering the streets of Petingen.

"I noticed something in the air and then everything started swirling. Objects from the street were coming loose, and then I thought to myself, 'ok, what can this be?' And then it started, suddenly the wind ... everything started swirling, objects started flying away," Petingen resident Joel said. "Our windows were damaged, while part of our roof came off. And that was bad."

According to officials, around 160 buildings were damaged by the tornado that hit both Petingen and the town of Kaerjeng, near the French and Belgium border.

The last known fatalities during a tornado in Europe were reputedly in November 2016 near Rome, Italy.

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