The color may be different, but this diamond is the size of a tennis ball.

You’re looking at the world’s second-biggest rough diamond.

Louis Vuitton just showcased its latest purchase in Paris.

You probably know the brand for its pricey handbags.

but the LVMH-owned brand has been in the fine jewelry market since 2012.

the goal is to compete with the likes of Cartier and Bulgari.

this won’t be hard to do after buying the 1,758-carat diamond.

the company didn’t say how much it paid for the rock.

It was found in Botswana last year and will be cut into gems and turned into a collection of fine jewelry.

High-end jewelers showed off their goods in Paris alongside Haute Couture Week.

Expect to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for pieces in these collections.

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