The “colorful Yunnan” not only offers warm sunshine, a slow-paced life, and pleasant scenery, but also gives you the opportunity to have highly enjoyable moments inspired by culture and history. Because Yunnan Province maintains and develops 25 different ethnic minorities, the province boasts the most types of ethnic groups in China.

Different from witnessing the time-honored history of the villages in the Southwest line, the Southeast will speak to Shenzhen young entrepreneurs about sharing their secrets behind splendid careers.

Also, don’t forget to go with CGTN’s Feng Yilei to Harbin Siberian Tiger Park to explore more about one of the world’s most endangered species.

CGTN's special program "New China" gives you an in-depth look at China 70 years on. Our crew is on a 12-day journey to China's southwest, southeast and northeast. Don't miss out.

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