How do you improve your soccer skills by sitting in front of a gaming screen? By taking cues from airforce pilots who played Space Fortress in the 1980s. The game strategy was about destroying an enemy's space fortress while protecting the "mother ship." Pilots who played performed better in real time, and that was the aim of the U.S. cognitive psychophysiologists who invented the game to aid pilots on their missions.

Four decades later, a group of Israeli ex-airforce associates are taking cognitive gameplay to a different level – and clientele. Applying some of the same cognitive learning techniques used in the original game, Intelligym founders are helping professional hockey, basketball and football players up their game via video gaming. CGTN's Stephanie Freid visits Intelligym's Israel headquarters to get a simulated demo and chat with CEO Danny Dankner about Intelligym's cognitive benefits and system results. #CIIE2019

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