What’s up everyone, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and can you believe it’s been EIGHT years since Little Mix hit the scene?

Our favorite girl group won season 8 of the British “X Factor” and almost instantly became a HUGE sensation.

A LOT has happened since they first became big-- yeah, they’ve come a LONG way since the “Cannonball” days. And no one knows that better than them -- the girls each recently wrote an open letter to their younger selves for Bustle UK. Their words were heartwarming and enlightening.

In Perrie’s letter, she told herself to remember that a career in music comes with ups and downs. She pointed out the importance of not getting hung up on the negativity.

She wrote QUOTE: You’re human, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll go through stages. It’s just a journey.

Honestly, that’s good advice for ANYONE to take.

Jade told her younger self to panic less, keep her priorities straight and always stay true to herself. She even poked fun at some of her older outfits, writing QUOTE ‘Those outfits-- and there will be some OUTFITS -- will give you a laugh 10 years down the line, and if there’s one thing that we’ve learned along the way, it’s that laughter has the ability to get you through it all.”

Yeah, I can relate to that. When I look back to what I was wearing in 2006… (shudders) well, actually, maybe that’s more horrifying than funny.

Leigh-Anne got REAL in her letter, admitting how naive she used to be. She reflected on a slightly cringe-worthy memory writing QUOTE “Remember that time you were at the X Factor house and went outside to meet the fans, and nobody wanted to see you or wanted your autographs? That’s all about to change.”

In Jesy’s letter, she opened up about how insecure she was back in Little Mix’s early days, and also poked fun at their..questionable outfits from back in the day.

She wrote QUOTE “By not speaking up you’ll look back and realize there’s not one outfit you enjoyed wearing on the show.”

She added, “Be authentic and stick true to yourself.”

That’s honestly… really sweet.

How do you guys feel about Little Mix’s letters? Do you think their outfits were really THAT bad? And what would you tell YOUR younger self? Let us know in the comments below!

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