What do Lil Nas X, Lili Reinhart, Joey King, and Normani all have in common? Well, aside from being extremely talented and some of our favorite celebs, they all made the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Forbes just released its ninth annual “30 Under 30” list, which features entrepreneurs, celebs, musicians, innovators, and more who are making waves in their industry.

And we have to talk about it because so many of our faves landed spots on this coveted list.

You ready for this, buckle in and have a seat.

Here are some of the honorees…

Normani, Lili Reinhart, Lil Nas X, Joey King, both the Sprouse brothers, Chloe x Halle, Megan Thee Stallion, Finn Wolfhard, Indya Moore, and Hunter Schafer to name a few.

And we have to break down the years that some of these stars have had.

Let’s start with Lil Nas X who’s only 20 years old. It’s honestly no surprise to me that he earned his spot on this list this year.

He rose to fame in what feels like a blink of an eye after releasing “Old Town Road” and all it’s subsequent remixes.

The song ended up making history as the longest-running Number 1 single to ever top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Lil Nas X also won the Country Music Award for the Billy Ra remix of “Old Town Road,” becoming the first openly gay male performer to ever win at the CMAs.

So obviously he was very deserving of his spot on the list.

Speaking of viral sensations, Megan Thee Stallion also made the list after rising to fame from her song Hot Girl Summer.

She has over 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, so obviously her fan base is strong and we’re happy to see her getting the recognition she deserves!

Next let’s talk about Normani for a second.

We all fell in love with her when she came onto the scene with Fifth Harmony, but this year her solo career has reached new heights.

Speaking of Fifth Harmony, both Camilla Cabello and Lauren Jauregui made this list last year, so it was DEFINITELY Normani’s turn.

This year she’s opened for Ariana Grande, joined The Voice, become the first ever official ambassador for Rihanna’s brand Savage X Fenty, she debuted the music video for her single “Motivation,” slayed award show performances, and so much more.

Her song "Dancing With A Stranger," with Smith, also became the world's most-played radio track of 2019.

And fans are so here for Normani making this list.

One person wrote quote, “Look at my girl @Normani for Forbes magazine, giving us successful solo artist realness”

And another said quote, “indya moore and normani both on the forbes 30 under 30 list, we love to see it!”

Next up, let’s talk about Lili Reinhart, who also has had an amazing year.

Obviously she’s still slaying her role as Betty Cooper in Riverdale, but this year she’s done so much more.

She starred in Hustlers being one of the first from the Riverdale franchise to be in a big block buster film.

But Lili hasn’t only been acting, she's taking her career to the next level with her first executive producer credit on her upcoming film called “Chemical Hearts,” that's supposed to come out next year.

Lili has also been very open about her struggles with her mental health and how she balances her career with depression.

She also encourages her fans to seek help if they need it. In February she told Glamour that quote, “Friendly reminder for anyone who needs to hear it: Therapy is never something to feel ashamed of. Everyone can benefit from seeing a therapist. Doesn't matter how old or 'proud' you're trying to be.”

And we can’t talk about Lili without talking about her beau Cole Sprouse and his brother making the list.

It’s about time these two made the list, they’ve deserved it for so long!

But other young TV stars also are having their Forbes moment.

And obviously we can’t talk about every single winner on this list, but we were just so happy to see so many of our favorites getting the recognition they deserve!

And for those of you wondering about Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and all those other celebs who are also under 30, they’ve already made the list before.

So these newbies are in great company.

But I want to know what you guys think.

Which of these celebs were you most excited to see on the list? Anyone not make it that you wished would’ve?

Let me know down in the comments below.

After that, click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and have a great day.

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