Can’t nobody tell him nothing, but Joe Jonas just told Lil Nas X that he was disappointed he never made it on an Old Town Road remix – and Lil Nas made him one heck of a promise

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we might be getting a Jonas/Lil Nas X collab afterall!

The eldest Jo Bro met the hip hop country star at the VMAs on Monday

And shortly after the show wrapped Joe sent out this tweet – saying “My Old Town Road remix never made the cut”

So I’ve got a lot of questions here

Did Joe actually HAVE a remix that was never released? Were the other brothers involved?

And is that what they were discussing with Lizzo and Sophie?

But anyway, Lil Nas X responded to Joe’s woes with a tweet of his own. A tweet that inspired hope to millions of people.

Or at least the over 310 thousand people who liked the reply

He said “Imma let you on panini don’t worry”

Um … I would like to see it! And so would a lot of people!

Joe replied with this hilarious gif of actor Jean-Claude Van Damme clearly doing a happy dance.

So I guess he’s already excited for the music video rehearsals,

But first we’ll need a music video for the original version of panini.

And then maybe some clarification if this will be a Jonas Brothers collab or just Joe by himself.

Because the brothers JUST got back together, guys. It’s too soon for them to go back to having solo careers.

Oh and my only other request is we also need Queen Sophie Turner in any sort of music collab between these two, because OBVIOUSLY… and that’s the tea.

But right now let’s hear from you guys. Would you like to see a Joe/Lil Nas X collab? Who else would be good on a panini remix? Let me know in the comments below

Then while you’re down there leaving comments, why not join our clevver fam for a never ending supply of tea. Not real tea like this, wait this isn’t even tea. I mean celebrity news. You know that already. And hit the bell so you’re the first to know. Then catch up on all the latest tea over here. I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you later, cheers!

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