The age of One Direction may have come to a long-standing halt, but Liam Payne just admitted to still feeling the aftershock of the fame, and tbh, it’s kinda heartbreaking…

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and if you consider yourself a forever Directioner, and don’t already have a pack of Kleenex, or like, your jacket sleeve readily available, I’d highly suggest you hit pause and prepare for the devastation. *small pause*

We all good? OK, so just as Directioners have healed and accepted the loss of this generation’s biggest boyband around, Liam Payne just collectively broke the hearts of Directioners all over again.

During his most recent interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Liam got real vulnerable about life post-1D revealing that it hasn’t exactly been an easy transition attempting to gain back his own identity. He said QUOTE, “When you’re doing hundreds and hundreds of concerts and it’s the same 22 songs at the same time every single day, even if you’re not happy, you’ve got to go out there.”

He went on to further clarify his remarks with the example, “It’s almost like putting the Disney costume on before you step up on stage and underneath the Disney costume I was pissed quite a lot of the time because there was no other way to get your head around what was going on. I mean, it was fun. We had an absolute blast but there were certain parts of it where it just got a little bit toxic.”

Yuppp, I’ll give you a sec to wipe the tears away… but think about it -- you’re a teenage boy in the middle of the whole ‘growing up and finding yourself’ phase, and you’re being required to entertain thousands of demanding fans every single night with no say in your own life, let alone what you eat for dinner every night. Sooo, like, I kinda get it… Although, I do reckon the catering for the boys would’ve had loads of good options, I mean they were One Direction.

But this revelation comes just days after Liam openly revealed he suffers from agoraphobia -- an anxiety disorder in which you fear being in a place that makes you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed. He revealed that it got so bad that he’d fear the smallest daily errands like going to a Starbucks or to the gas station, to the point where his anxiety got so bad, he couldn’t get himself to get out of his car.

Although Liam is still trying to fully gain back his identity and work on his mental health, he has admitted to fully being on board for a 1D reunion -- so much so that he revealed to Daily Star Newspaper back in February that One Direction would be reuniting in 2020.

I meannn, if the Jonas Brothers can make a comeback, we’re putting all our bets on the table for One Direction, but just so I don’t jynx anything, I’m curious to hear all your thoughts on Liam’s vulnerable interview, so share all your thoughts and best wishes for the guy down here in the comments.

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