Are Liam Payne and Cheryl on the verge of a split? New sources reveal the 10 year age gap may be taking a toll.

Host on Camera: Sources close to the couple drop some bombshells for us.

A relationship isn’t something that you can keep around forever, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to each other to make it through the rough patches. which means you really know it’s serious when Things aren’t looking good for cheryl and Liam Payne, although they’ve only been married for 2 years, their two different lifestyles seem to be a BIG strain on their relationship.

Because of Liams’ solo success, he is constantly on the go from city to city leaving his wife to take care of baby Bear for extended periods of time. Sources clos to the couple say they have been battling to stay together -- and if it weren’t for Bear. it’s probable that they would already be split up by now.

But as you know it’s not JUST Liam in the scenario, it takes two to tango and Cheryl’s 10 year age gap over liam -- 34 vs 24 -- has also made things difficult for the couple. Despite these big differences in their age and schedule, you’d be happy to know that there is no foul play involved in these tumultuous times. Sources close to the couple insist that neither of them has had an affair it is very unlike them to do something like that.

And in summation, when visitin her hometown of Newcastle, Cheryl was questioned by a member of the paprazzi. When asked “are you and LIam okay?” her response was simply, “yeah, great”.

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