Lebanese security forces fired tear gas at protesters gathered in central Beirut, as demonstrators rallied over the country's dire current economic situation for the second day in a row, on Friday.

Footage shows a large crowd of people blocking a four-street intersection, when police started firing tear gas at them to clear the area. Firefighters trying to extinguish the flames and a convoy of security vehicles making its way past burning refuse, can also be spotted.

Lebanon's current demonstrations are believed to be the country's biggest since 2015, as protesters seek to highlight deteriorating living conditions, austerity measures, capital flight and the rise of the deficit and public debt.

The heavily-indebted Lebanese government unveiled several new measures to raise revenue in an attempt to balance their large budget deficit on Thursday which helped spark the protests. They included a tax of 20 cents per day for calls made through the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), such as WhatsApp and Facebook calls. The proposal was later withdrawn.

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