Palestinian refugees gathered on Martyrs' Square in Beirut on Wednesday to call on western countries to give them asylum due to worsening conditions in Lebanon's camps. The protest was organized by the Palestinian Youth Organization for‏ Humanitarian Relief in Lebanon and the Youth Movement for Palestinians in Syria and Lebanon.

"I haven't seen my son for six years. He died in Sweden and was not buried here [in Lebanon]. I only ask to travel in order to visit his grave, I don't want anything more, only to be given the permission to visit," said Wafaa, a Palestinian refugee.

"We Palestinians are continuously forced out of countries. We continuously get displaced from one country to another. What about creating another planet for us to live on our own, considering we are unwanted anywhere we go," said Maha, another Palestinian refugee.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees are currently living in Lebanon with significant numbers housed in camps with no access to public services, limited employment opportunities and no ownership rights.

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