Thousands of anti-government protesters filled the streets of Beirut on Wednesday, marking the sixth straight day of protests in the country.

Protesters can be seen waving Lebanese flags and lighting torches as they gathered together on the streets.

“His [Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri] problem is no longer 3,000 employees, his problem has become 2 million employees, they believe that all the world is employees of Saad Hariri. We will stay here until the government falls," One protester said.

Another said “we are still on the street, so that our government will step down and make room for the next generation.”

Several protesters commented on the protests brining the diverse country together:

“Our revolution is not political, we hope it will not be politicised, and we hope, God willing, that we will not return to the sectarian division. Today, I consider that the war is over, to some extent, there is a gathering of sects and we ask God to continue. We do not want to talk with sectarianism again or with political divisions,” One protester said.

Another echoed the remarks, saying: “This revolution broke the sectarian barrier. Since the 1970s, they have dispersed us, politicians and some clerics, in order to consecrate sectarianism and divide the country on the basis of 'divide and rule.' But the revolution gave birth to men to say: No to sectarianism."

A Syrian who had taken refuge in the country and was participating in the demonstrations said “We left our country eight years ago, they greeted us here and carried us, the least we could stand with them."

Demonstrations continue in Beirut despite Prime Minister Saad Hariri's announcement of the economic reform package during a televised address on Monday.

The current demonstrations are believed to be the country's biggest since 2015, as people protest against deteriorating living conditions, austerity measures, capital flight and the rise of the deficit and public debt.

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