Lana Del Rey Accused Of SHADING Camila Cabello!

Fans are reaching to conclusions after thinking Lana Del Rey came for Camila Cabello on Instagram, but, like, y’all need to chill and I’m about to tell you why.

Hey everyone, I’m Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and let me start by saying that there are two types of people in this world: ones who spent their Labor Day hashtagging #NoLawsWhenYoureDrinkingClaws, and ones who spent their Labor Day dissecting Camila Cabello’s comment section while dragging Lana Del Rey.

Actually, I was the third type of person... watching from the sidelines wondering “what the hell” is actually going on??

So in case you were the first of the three, Camila is on a major musical release tease… (insert happy dance here). So far she’s teased a few videos with a romance-y, Greek goddess-y type theme, along with phrases like, “Welcome to the world of romance” and “Truly surrender to the drama.”

In one video in particular, Camila recites her own take on the meaning of love, when fans peeped Lana Del Rey down in the comments with the comment “what the hell”. So listen, it’s 2019, COMMENTS get taken out of proportion every minute on the minute, and “what the hell” can mean “what the hell” Yassss Queen ot “What the hell” as in WHAT THE HELL?!

Anyway, it seemed like a lot of people were confused by what they thought Lana meant with her caption. People began responding to Lana’s comment with the most extra quips, like, “DRAG HER,” “she can’t compete,” and “tell ‘em.” Classy, amiright?

To take matters one step further, the Lana gang clearly did some collective digging and decided that Camila’s video was ripping off the intro to Lana’s “Ride” music video. It seems because they both contain monologues and that’s why a lot of people thought Lana had something to say. Take a look at Camila’s video:

So while a lot of people were busy throwing shade and others wondering if that was the shade Lana was throwing, thankfully Queen Lana came to the rescue. It seems after she clearly got word of all shade throwing she responded to an Instagram fan account to shut it down. She wrote, “I meant what the hell in a good way. As in, it’s so good.”

Soooo let’s just go ahead and file this one into the “news that was fabricated as drama, but isn’t actually drama” category, continue to cheer on fellow female artists, and call it a day, yes? On that note, the wait is almost over for the first installment of this new Camila era, so be sure to tune in on Thursday for all that good good. Until then, you can find me jamming out to Norman Effing Rockwell cause Lana brought the heat once again.

For now, what are your thoughts on this whole non-feud? Did you see Lana’s comment and were you guessing what she meant? And also are you excited about new music from these 2 queens?? I sure am. Chat it out down here in the comments section.

And “What the hell?!” Are you serious some of you guys aren’t subscribed to Clevver News?! What the hell - like as in, that’s crazy, just so there is noooo confusion. Hit that subscribe button right there. And hit the bell, because honestly it makes no sense to not do both. Theh when you’re done, catch up on all the tea you missed right over here. I’m Sussan Mourad, and I’ll catch ya later. Byeee

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