Kylie Jenner has been sharing beauty tutorials set to K-pop music, and fans are confused AF.

OMG, you guys… what is going on here?!

Well, as you all know, there’s nothing hotter in music right now than K-pop, and it looks like as of a month ago, Kylie Jenner has hopped on the K-pop bandwagon!

That’s right! Last month Kylie reposted a fan-made tutorial of her crème lipsticks that was set to Exo’s song, “Lotto,” and after realizing how much love the short tutorial got, the brand decided to repost another video on Instagram of a velvet lip kit tutorial set to NCT U’s song, “Boss.”

That wasn’t all, though. Just two days ago Kylie Cosmetics was back at it again, posting an eye palette tutorial that was set to the song, “Bonnie and Clyde” by Dean. Of course, after all three of these videos were reposted, fans and critics of Kylie began to notice her sudden affinity for k-pop music, and while some people were here for it, others… not so much.

On Twitter, some fans were just thrilled that their favorite K-pop artists were getting the recognition and platform they deserve. One fan wrote, QUOTE, “The make up look is as LIT as Exo’s Lotto. Believe me this says a lot,” while another fan seemed to wholeheartedly agree, saying, QUOTE, “This background music is dope! She looks pretty too.”

But while many were fully supportive of Kylie’s K-pop music usage, others remained super critical, claiming she was only doing it to draw attention to her products. One fan said, QUOTE, “kylie honey, why u using k-music for clout smh!!!” While another person wrote, QUOTE, “Are ya’ll making more money by gaining the attention of kpop twitter or something.”

WOW… So what do you guys think? Is Kylie actually a K-pop music stan, or is she just doing it to get even more exposure than she already has? Let us know in the comments section below, and then click right over here to see how Kim lashed out over Yeezy haters. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Zoe Lillian and I’ll see you next time.

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