Kylie and Khloe are showing us what a real good time looks like.

Hey everyone, It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Kylie and Khloe released a joint makeup video together and let’s just say it was pretty entertaining.

The two sisters took shots and got lit while trying out Kylie’s latest makeup and skin line all in celebration for her birthday.

The two let loose, and were absolutely hilarious during the entire video.

The video also featured star studded cameos by Sofia Richie and Corey Gamble as well as phone appearance by momma bear Kris Jenner, bff Malika, and sister Kim.

Kylie and KoKo took a total of nine shots, well Khloe may have had a baby tenth/eleventh, but they both clearly were having a really good time.

Honestly, these girls have skill, I have no idea how they were able to still get their makeup together.

As Corey and Sofia looked on with amusement, both way too sober for this video, Khloe and Kylie continued to cake on makeup until Khloe declared she was over it.

With another shot of Don Julio ofcourse.

The girls ended the video with some casual dancing, trying to breakthrough things, and just genuinely having the best time ever!

Seriously this was hilarious. What did you think of the video? And also what did you think of the girls’ makeup look when they were done? Honestly, they did pretty well I think. Chat about it in the comments below!

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