Kylie Jenner is getting married? Kylie Jenner is a lesbian? Is Kylie Jenner going to get a prenup?

Here comes the brides all dressed in white! We knew Kylie and Jordyn were super close friends but never did we think that they’d be walking down the same aisle! On Sundays season finale of Life Of Kylie the two besties take their friendship to a whole other level with a traditional commitment ceremony in Peru.

The combination of the music in the background, those crazy Peruvian hats, and the screeching sounds coming from that baby lamb had me literally cracking up. I know I should be taking this ceremony serious but it is so funny, tell me you didn’t laugh?

Someone who wasn’t laughing was mama Kris, As the two young ladies turned to the man presiding over the ceremony he starts reciting quote “ The rites to be married” and well Kris almost loses it

You know mama Kris she’s all about those dollar bills. I guess we won’t know for sure whether or not the two actually got married until the season finale this Sunday but one thing we do know for sure is that Kylie and Jordyn’s relationship is ride or die and totally friendship goals. Alright friends I want to know your thoughts on the teaser for the upcoming finale do you think the two tied the knot and what do you think about their friendship/ relationship/ commitment let me know in the comments below and then click right here to check out how Kim cleared up all those crazy rumors about her surrogate. Thanks for watching Clevver News I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you soon.

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