The cardigan worn by rock icon Kurt Cobain during his 1993 MTV unplugged set is up for grabs again, alongside other iconic memorabilia from the Nirvana frontman's career at an auction in New York City.

Footage from Monday shows the iconic green cardigan, which fetched $137,500 (€123,339) when it was last sold in 2015.

Along with the 1960's Lycra-blend garment, other Cobain memorabilia on offer at the "Icons & Idols: Rock 'n' Roll" auction include his custom-built Fender Mustang that was played on the In Utero tour and letters to the singer from his then-wife Courtney Love.

Cobain's sweater has not been washed since he last wore it and was first gifted after his 1994 death to his family's nanny Jackie Farry by Love, who then had to sell it, with the family's blessings, due to financial hardship after a cancer diagnosis.

Other potetial highlights of the auction include Elvis Presley's 1968 solid rosewood Fender Telecaster electric guitar as well as items tied to artists such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Sex Pistol, George Michael and others.

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