Logan Paul slaps someone in the face and the video goes viral. Plus KSI reacts to the wild video. #LoganPaul #KSI #JakePaul

A slapping practice — yes, that’s a thing — was a wake up call for Logan Paul, 24. The YouTube star was gearing up for an upcoming slapping competition in Russia, and so he smacked a fellow slapping athlete (who was estimated to be over 300 pounds) on May 22. The slap completely knocked out the man, who did a face plant on the grass and appeared unconscious. Logan’s crew began to exclaim “Roll him over, roll him over,” while the YouTuber turned to the camera, smiled, and flexed his biceps. But Logan wasn’t so nonchalant after reflecting on the face whack.


Starring DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

Written & Edited By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

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KSI Reacts To Logan Paul Slap Knocking Someone Out & Going Viral

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