Khloe Kardashian is once again facing major backlash for her larger than life POUT and possible plastic surgery!

What’s up everyone it’s Erin Robinson with Clevver News and poor Khloe Kardashian, the woman posts a picture and is instantly hit with major criticism!

Khloe took to the gram to show off a what was just a harmless selfie and #ad… but it seems like her lips upstaged her!

Look we know the Kar-jenner ladies love to poof up their pout, and they’re not shy about admitting it!

Soooo when Khloe went to make her money with a #ad for skin-thesis-inc… she got trolled hard!

The picture in question… these!

Some commenters were ruthless writing things like “I'm sorry but your lips are overdone, it looks nasty” and “If you can’t close your lips … too much filler.”

Then came the nose job claims, to which Khloe has addressed and gives credit to contouring!

She admits that in pictures it can make her look totally different than she looks in real life!

And we would show you the comments, BUT Khloe turned off her comments on this latest Instagram.

But you guys, we haven’t turned off our comments so let us know what you think of Khloe’s latest post… did she go a little overboard on this lip filler, or is it just her makeup giving her the perfect pout? Also, what do you make of her turning off the IG comments section.

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I’m Erin thanks for hanging with me on Clevver News and I’ll see you next time!

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