Keke Palmer REVEALS Wild New Career Move!

Keke Palmer’s resume is getting more and more impressive by the day. She’s starring in one of the biggest movies of 2019, hosting on Good Morning America, releasing new music, and now she’s adding something new and rather unexpected to her career list!

What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and just when we thought Keke Palmer is doing it all, she threw us a curveball.

We all know she is starring in Hustlers, the only movie everyone is talking about right now.

She also just landed a hosting gig on the third hour of Good Morning America on her show Strahan, Sara, and Keke.

Three weeks ago she shared the news on her Instagram and wrote quote, “And then there were three!! Disney was my first entertainment home when I began my career in entertainment. They always created a space for me to take the stage and express my many faces. Here we are again, 15 years later, still growing together”

And as if that all wasn’t enough she recently released another single called "Twerk N Flirt."

But now she opened up to Bustle about what’s next for her.

Keke said quote, “I'm getting ready to go to culinary school. That's something I really wanted to do in my 26th year.”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Keke is only 26! Girl has accomplished more at 26 than most people will in their entire lives.

But the actor-singer-host-and-soon to be chef has already been in the entertainment industry for 15 years, so she's a pro or dare I say… a Hustler.

Keke talked about her new movie Hustlers and said what being a Hustler means to her.

She said quote, “If you're trying to get from point A to point B and you're the kind of person who has a plan or has an idea of how you're going to get there and you're actively pursuing it, you're someone that I would consider a hustler.”

And Keke took getting into character for Hustlers seriously. Like I said, she’s a pro.

She looked beyond just the criminal parts of her character to the parts she could see herself in.

Keke said quote, “Mercedes is really grounded. I feel like she always says what's on her mind. She keeps it real. She's loyal. She's a team player. She's daring. I think a lot of those things I can really relate to. And then just the fact that she has a sense of humor. That's me all day, every day no matter what is going on.”

She also talked about getting to work with one of her role models, Jennifer Lopez.

I mean who WOULDN’T want to work with J. Lo?!

Keke described Jennifer as quote, “such a girls' girl. Very just cool, smart. Someone that when you watch her in action, you're impressed by.”

But even with all of her success and getting to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Keke is focused on staying down to earth and relatable for her fans.

And if you follow her on Instagram, you know that she is doing just that.

She isn’t afraid to make herself into a meme like this one. The meme said quote, “Ex who broke it off: It’s only been two days but I miss you. I need you. I’m a wreck.”

And Keke’s caption said quote, “Sorry who this? Little too busy living a GOLDEN life to remember.”

But we can’t talk about Keke on social media right now without mentioning her viral moment during her lie detector test interview with Vanity Fair.

After answering some simple questions about where she was born and her dating preferences, she was asked to identify 46th United States Vice President Dick Cheney, and her response was perfect.

And of course, the memes came rolling in. There are literally thousands y’all but I think this is my current favorite.

This person tweeted quote, “Dory when Nemo asked if she knew his father marlin, after she spent days swimming in the ocean with him”

That is too good. But this person has captured my current mood exactly and said quote, “update: still hasn't been a Keke Palmer 'sorry to this man' meme that I haven't laughed at”

But enough about memes, Keke is more that just a meme.

She also has a hilarious character she plays on her IG named Janet.

If you don’t know about Janet yet, you’re welcome.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to get you to stan Keke, she also isn’t afraid to share a raw, makeup free video of her singing completely unedited.

And when it comes to her social media, she wants her fans to feel close to her and like her success is attainable despite her fame.

We just can’t wait to see what Keke does next and I’m sure we will get some great IG content if she starts cooking up some new recipes she learns at culinary school.

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