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"MOSCOW—News that a listener had broken into the independent radio station Echo of Moscow and stabbed its deputy editor in chief, Tanya Felgenhauer, sent tremors through the most remote corners of Russia last October. Many wondered if the 32-year-old Felgenhauer’s voice, so familiar on Echo’s incisive morning broadcasts, would be silenced forever. The vision of a knife cutting into the throat of the slight young woman with a warm smile and boyishly short red hair was painful even for the most conservative critics of Russia’s leading liberal radio station.

But that was not the end of the news about Tanya, and, no, she was not silenced.

A few weeks after she was released from intensive care at a Moscow hospital, Felgenhauer pulled on an elegant red dress, put on her glasses with red frames, and surprised Vladimir Putin and millions of Russians watching the annual presidential press conference with a brief but powerful speech about the Kremlin’s selective application of justice.

Felgenhauer, who loves to host live talk shows, believes that real journalism is a serious calling, and this was her unique chance to be heard all over the country on state television. She was not going to miss it.”*

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