The Jordan parliament passed a draft law to stop gas imports from Israel, in Amman on Sunday, days after the Kingdom started receiving energy supplies from its neighbouring country's offshore Leviathan field.

Footage shows members of Parliament discussing the draft as well as a group of protesters gathered outside the building.

Ibrahim Al-Sunaid, a member of the Jordan's Parliament stated: "A good step for the Jordan Parliament is to meet today [and make a decision] not to import gas, hoping that we will not need to import goods from this Zionist enemy. We hope this law will be implemented soon, because if there was no urgency, it would be placed in the drawers."

The draft passed on Sunday requires the cabinet approval.

Jordan has been importing Israeli gas as a result of a 15-year deal signed between the country's national electricity company NEPCO and the US-Israeli consortium Nobel Energy company in September 2016.

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