Almost as if it’s straight out of a seinfeld episode, but it actually happened.. On a red carpet. Yikes

So this all happened at The David Lynch FOundation’s national night of laughter and song. Celebs like Jay leno, margaret cho, hugh jackman, kesha, and jerry seinfeld were all invited for this good cause. The event went off without a hitch, but we can’t say the same for the red carpet.

Jerry seinfeld was in the middle of giving an interview with a radio show host when Kesha approached him and said with pure elation “I’m kesha I love you so much!” Jerry is clearly taken aback by this interruption and says “oh thanks”

And then when kesha asked him for a hug, he responds the same way. No thanks, ouch. But, our girl kesha isn’t giving up yet, she asks again. He responds with.. You guessed it. No thanks. And then things officially get weird when she asks a third time. Take a look.

Did you see him take a step AWAY from kesha? Rejected. But, here’s what we need to remember, jerry literally says shortly after “I have no idea who that was.” To which his interviewer responds. “That was kesha” so he responds with a simple “okay, welli wish her the best”

So it sounds like jerry just thought a fangirl was rushing up to him and he didn’t really know how to react. What do you think of this situation? If a stranger came up to you and asked for a hug, would you give in by the third time? Let me know in hte comments below and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any fresh updates. If you missed the bachelorette then i’ve got some good news for you, you can check out a new episode of tru showmance right here. My name is tom plumley you guys can find me on the social! and i’ll see you next time.

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