There's a global outbreak in vaccine hesitancy and it coincides with a rise in preventable diseases.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says world leaders have an obligation to stamp out the trend.

"While in certain parts of the world people are dying due to a lack of vaccinations, here, people are risking their lives and those of others, by refusing them. Some aren't following the rules of prevention, preferring instead, to play with fire."

The World Health Organisation declared vaccine hesitancy as one of the main health threats of 2019. Between 2016-2017 there was a 30 percent jump in measles cases around the world.

In Europe, deaths caused by the disease has increased six fold in the span of two years. False information and lack of transparency have spread fear and skepticism around immunization.

Rumours linking vaccination to autism and learning disabilities have been debunked by scientists worldwide. But the lack of trust between citizens and authorities has led to a resurgence of preventable diseases that had previously been eradicated.

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