US President Donald Trump met with the families of the Japanese citizens allegedly abducted by North Korea for a second time in Tokyo on Monday, saying he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would work together to bring them home.

Footage shows Donald and Melania Trump, as well as Shinzo and Akie Abe sitting down with the apparent abductees' families, who are holding photos of their missing loved ones.

"I can also tell you for certain that it is your prime minister's primary goal. There isn't a meeting that we have where he doesn't bring up the abductees," Trump said. "We will be working together to bring your relatives, your daughters, your sons, your mothers, home."

While the total number of people abducted by North Korean government agents between 1977 and 1983 is unknown, 17 cases are officially recognised by the Japanese government, to which the North Korean government officially admitted to 13.

Five of them were allowed to return to Japan in 2002 for what was meant t be a temporary visit, though Japan refused to send them back, straining talks between the two nations.

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