Sisters, sister, sisters… In a shocking turn of events it looks like James Charles might be boo’d up … with the waiter that started so much controversy not long ago.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and there’s whispers of rumors in the air that James and Sam Cooke are dating

He was the waiter that Tati brought up in her 45 minute video

The guy who released his own video to tell his side of the story

The guy who James Charles also talked about in his OWN video

Well, fast forward a few months and now it looks like they’re hanging out IRL

Just a few days ago, Sam posted an Instagram story at a fancy lil pool in LA

Well look who has an identical pool in their backyard

Also interesting? James posted this on Twitter the next day “can’t stop smiling”

And there’s only a few situations in life that get somebody to tweet this

Either a new puppy, or a new boo, right?

And I don’t see a Youtube video about him getting a new puppy… just bleach blonde hair!

Okay so yeah this is all speculation and hearsay.

Sam could have been visiting James as friends and nothing more!

Or as an official apology or something

But a sister loves to speculate…and what a great meet-up this would be.

But tell me what you guys think! Do you think there is anything going on here? Or was it a more casual vacation? Or a coincidence that the pools look identical?? Let me know in the comment section below

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