James Charles family reacts to his drama with Tati Westbrook and furious over her viral bye sister video. Plus, Rick & Morty creators spoil season 4 during an interview. #JamesCharles #Tati #ByeSister

James Charles, 19, isn’t doing too well after his former friend Tati Westbrook, 37, posted her video “Bye sister” on May 10, which slammed the 19-year-old for betraying her and promoting a rival vitamin company, and exposed his alleged manipulation of straight men. “James is not doing well right now, he feels like the whole world has turned on him,” a James source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The level of hate being directed towards him is unbearable. People are being so cruel, the reaction is way overboard and it’s devastating for James. He’s a sensitive person and he’s still very young, he’s taking this very, very hard, he’s rock bottom right now.”


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James Charles Family Furious Over Tati Bye Sister Video

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