Jake Paul SUED Over 'Litmas'!

Jake Paul might’ve just secured a spot at the top of the naughty list this year as he’s being sued for allegedly jacking music from a group of producers.

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and it looks like Jake Paul is is a bit of trouble… again.

Christmas is not gonna be so ‘Litmas’ for Jake this year as a team of music producers is apparently suing him for allegedly stealing his popular “Litmas” track released back in 2017.

Producers Erik Belz, Jonathan Pakfar and Shane Abrahams have filed a lawsuit against Jake, claiming that the entire backing of the popular track was stolen right from under them.

In documents obtained by TMZ, the team of creatives claim they produced a track called “Bad Santa” back in 2015.

They also claim that because they were in the same studio as Jake on multiple occasions, that he allegedly heard the track, thus stealing it, annnnnd just two years later, Jake dropped “Litmas”, which is currently sitting at a whopping 16 million views.

The plaintiffs are suing specifically for copyright infringement and want the court to order Jake to pull his song and pay them a portion of his profits.

The producers claimed that their work is, “original, unique and specific in terms of pitch, register and overall use,” which they added can be entirely heard in Jake’s song.

They alleged that Jake also never asked for permission to use the backing and has never even offered to compensate them in any form.

Naturally, Jake’s team has sprung into action and doesn’t seem to be taking this case too seriously.

A rep from Jake’s team revealed to TMZ QUOTE, “This is absolutely without merit and once again, a feeble and disturbing attempt at using the U.S. legal system to gain notoriety and relevance through frivolous legal claim.”

They added, “Jake’s legal team is handling the situation and looking forward to exposing the frivolous action for what it truly is.”

Jake himself has yet to respond to the allegations, buuuut something tells me he probably won’t be speaking about it any time soon as advised by his lawyers.

Mannn, the devil works hard, but the Paul Brothers’ legal team works harder y’all… this isn’t the first time Jake has been in trouble with the law this year…

He faced another lawsuit back in February for false imprisonment after his security guard accused a concerned neighbor of trespassing.

The neighbor, who claimed that the attack was “racially motivated,” claimed that the security guard QUOTE, “...grabbed him, twisted his arm behind his back and threw him against his car to hold him,” after he’d come over to complain about Jake’s reckless driving in the neighborhood.

This incident, along with Jake’s ‘Litmas’ lawsuit,, have likely been the case of both Jake and his brother Logan’s drop-off from Forbes’ 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2019.

According to Forbes, Logan was the 10th highest paid YouTuber in 2018, bringing $14.5 million, while Jake came in at No. 2, earning $21.5 million.

We do have to point out that many other celebs have been hit with musical infringement lawsuits, including Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Pharrell and Robin Thicke, and many many more…

More times than not, this is just a money grab, but whether or not the “Bad Santa” producers have something on Jake is set to be determined later on.

Jake is likely too busy celebrating the release of his new single and steamy new music video for, “These Days.”

He’s also probably too busy celebrating his girl Tana Mongeau, who, on top of the couple’s upcoming MTV show Bustedness, also just landed herself an MTV Christmas special called “Here Comes Tana Claus”, which is part of the network’s ‘No Filter’ segment.

Tana took to Instagram earlier this week to share the big news, writing, “Coming to a computer or TV near you: Tana Claus is Coming To Town: an @mtvnofilter special!!!!!! I NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE SUCH A REALITY HOE THAT I’D HAVE A HOLIDAY SPECIAL. thank you for watching and doing this for me. filming this has truly taught me that not only the people pictured but all of you are my family. that’s what this season is all about.”

For now, I’m curious to know what you guys think about Jake being involved in this lawsuit…

Do you think he potentially could have stolen the backing to the original track, or are these guys just searching for an easy way to get a little cash?

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