Gripped by doubt and uncertainty over the political fate of Italy, Rome residents reacted to the collapse of the ruling alliance between 'The League' and the 'Five Stars Movement' following the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on Wednesday.

"The government has fallen because of the crisis. The political forces do not think about governing Italy in the best possible way, but their own interests", said Roberto Citoni.

One slammed League's leader Salvini for his "arrogant" behaviour and others lamented the doomed nature of "the forced alliance" between the ruling parties.

"It was a forced union of two political thoughts that are not different, but opposed," said Carla Reni who added Italy's political crisis was "tangible".

Last week Salvini filed a motion of no-confidence against Conte in the hopes that it will lead to snap elections, following a disagreement with his coalition partners, the Five Star Movement (M5S). The Senate decided to have Conte address them first, during which he announced his resignation.

Following consultations, Italian President Sergio Mattarella will have to decide whether to go ahead with new elections or try and have a new government formed from existing parliamentary parties.

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