The coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy has forced the healthcare sector to battle with numerous new and unexpected tasks, including the sanitisation of ambulances. An emergency services centre in Piacenza, one of the worst-hit areas in the country, gave a glimpse on Sunday into how much work goes into the sanitising of all the emergency service vehicles that have been in constant use since the outbreak began.

"To respond to the numerous calls to the ambulance service, since midnight today we have expanded the decontamination services for the vehicles and personnel," Luca Inglese, a local paramedic explained, standing in front of a makeshift gazebo, erected purely for decontamination services.

Paramedics and healthcare workers are working 24 hours a day, having to conduct numerous cleaning sessions on every ambulance upon their return from every COVID-19 related call out.

Luckily, the team have got their hands on some new tools to assist them in this task. "An atomiser was purchased and made immediately available, which will aim to sanitise the internal driving area of the ambulances in a very short amount of time," Explained Luca.

Piacenza is one of the worst-hit areas in Europe's worst-hit region by the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday 23rd March alone 26 more people died from the virus in the Piacenza area. The total number of deaths now is 340 in the area.

In total, Italy has reported 63,927 confirmed cases of COVID-19, resulting in 6,077 deaths thus far.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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