The commune of Ferrera Erbognone, which is just a stone's throw away from Milan, has aroused the curiosity of virologists as to how it managed to not have a single coronavirus case, despite being in the virus-hotspot region of the country.

Giovanni Fassina, a doctor and Mayor of Ferrera Erbognone said in his interview on Wednesday that it might be due to the adherence to the imposed rules.

"We don't have COVID19 cases, and it is due to respecting the rules. And the perseverance in this aspect is the only way this situation can continue being like this," he said.

Fassina also hypothesised that the small size of the community also played a part, but added that he's certain that the adherence to the regulations - and especially the conjuncture of both - contributed to having zero coronavirus cases.

"It's difficult to predict the evolution in terms of rapidity, in terms of extinction [of the virus] and in terms of hotspots and outbreaks. What should have been done - has been done. It could've been done better, but we can only say this from this point of view," said Fassina.

In conclusion, he sent a message to the population to do themselves "a favour" and practice social distancing. "If you have a friend - give him a call, do not meet up. Do yourselves a favour, and the friend that you wish well to."

According to the latest data published by Johns Hopkins University, Italy has registered 110,574 cases of the coronavirus with 13,155 deaths.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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