German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas claimed that there has to be monitoring of the Kerch Strait by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), speaking on the sidelines of the OSCE summit in Milan on Thursday.

After emerging from talks with his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, Maas encouraged both parties to find a solution to recent tensions in the Sea of Azov.

"The Ukrainian sailors have to be freed, the ships have to be given back. That would be a contribution to the de-escalation from the Russian side," he suggested.

Germany's chief diplomat also commented on the INF Treaty, saying Russia has 60 days to prove that it complies with its provisions.

"I have said very clearly to Russian colleagues, that there's a lot at stake in the next 60 days and the accusations have to be cleared. If this deal falls, that won't be useful to anyone, and least of all to the security in Europe," stressed Maas.


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