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2:21 Robert Mueller gave a press conference saying he was done talking about the Russia report.

6:21 This past week, Louisiana lawmakers took another step in efforts to chip away at abortion rights, nearing final passage of a bill that would ask voters to rewrite the state constitution to ensure it offers no protections for the procedure.

11:21 When it comes to immigration, about the only thing Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the current system is broken. A record number of people are crossing the border, and immigration courts can’t process them efficiently.

16:10 The most hyped meal in Israel is a burger. It costs about $53 for 2 burgers plus fries and delivery fees. Only 200 are made a night. The wait list is more than 2 months & 3,000 people long. And that’s only once you’ve gotten the secret WhatsApp number to order it

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