Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to annex parts of the West Bank if reelected, during a press conference in Tel Aviv, on Tuesday.

"Just as I settled our presence in the Golan Heights with the American recognition, the same I wish to do with the Jordan Valley," Netanyahu said during a press conference only one week ahead of the scheduled general elections.

Netanyahu used a map to point to the areas he promises to put under Israeli sovereignty if he gets reelected, which he says would include the Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea.

"No prime minister has ever presented such a map to the public. It defines our Eastern border, it is clear, it is precise, it is logical. We haven't had such an opportunity since the six-day war, and I doubt we will have another opportunity in the next 50 years so I speak to you, citizens of the State of Israel for the sake of future generations to give me the power to give Israel security, give Israel the power to determine Israel's border," Netanyahu said.

Elections to the Knesset are due to be held on September 17 after Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition after previous elections held back in April.

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