The first ten finalists to take part in the Eurovision song contest 2019 held a press conference after the first of the semi-finals took place in Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening.

Icelandic punk band Hatari were among those who qualified with their dark techno track "Hate Will Prevail". It seems anti-capitalist lyrics and BDSM outfits reeled the judges in.

While speaking at the press conference, vocalist Klemens Hannigan said: "It means a lot to us to be here in Eurovision, and we feel it's important to bring across this message that we have, that hate is on the uprise in Europe and I think no one can disagree with that, so I feel it's very important for Europe to understand that we need to unite, need to remember to love, need to find a way for peace or hate will prevail."

Representing the smallest country competing, singer Serhat became the second representative from San Marino to make it past the semi-finals: "It's a big responsibility and honour for me to represent this beautiful small country, San Marino, and if a country trusts you and gives its flag, you can't imagine how you can feel", he said.

Also Australia will participate in the final, following singer Kate Miller's successful performance with song "Zero Gravity."

Eighteen countries are set to take part in the second semi-final on Thursday, ahead of Saturday's final.

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