Chinese disabled veteran Sun Jifa turned artificial limbs manufacturer after losing both forearms in an accident at the age of 27. Now 66 years old, he has become well known for creating affordable prosthetic limbs which have reportedly helped hundreds of disabled people up and down the country.

"Up to now, my artificial limbs are beautiful and can be designed with the help of the disabled person's own motivation. They can be used by different disabled people. I have opened an online shop under the advice of others, hoping to help more disabled people," Sun said in his Yongji workshop on Sunday.

Sun ideated an artificial arm which can be controlled from the elbow, allowing him to perform all kinds of daily tasks and create prostheses for others, as the footage shows.

The veteran started his venture out of personal need, reportedly after being unable to afford the prosthesis suggested by doctors after his accident. He is now making artificial limbs for other people in need.

"The first generation can only eat, the second generation can carry things, for the third generation I used the knowledge of mechanics to make it," Sun said, before adding that he is" hoping to help more disabled people."

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